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  • Australian Documentary Film Wins 9th Award

    Australian Documentary Film Wins 9th Award and becomes the most awarded motorcycle movie in history.
    Australia’s Christophe Barriere-Varju won the hearts of worldwide fans when he set out to race as a self-funded privateer in the Dakar Rally, racing in the motorcyle category across South America, and undergoing the harshest driving conditions in the world.  All the while he has been accompanied in his quest by labrador Bisou, now blind with his own 'seeing eye dog', pup Chica.

    An Australian team filmed Christophe's journey from his home in Nelson Bay on the NSW Central Coast, with Bisou by his side.

    "Bisou went blind in 2012," Christophe said, "so I found her Chica who now is her carer - the only thing that separates them is the food bowl!"

    The resulting film has won an outstanding record of 9 awards in international  film festivals, the latest being two awards at the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival in Canada for Dream Racer - and making of Dream Racer - the most awarded unscripted motorcycle documentary film in history.

    Recipient of both Best Feature Film Award and People's Choice Award, Dream Racer continues to win the heart of audiences around the world. The film is based on the famous 10,000km / 6,200 miles Dakar Rally, which follows the story of the not-so-fit Business Consultant Christophe Barriere-Varju,  who attempts the feat without sponsors, without a multi-million dollar team, not even a mechanic – just one rider, a motorbike, a film maker and the world’s most dangerous motor race.

    The success of Dream Racer is that it is far more than just a motorbike movie, Dream Racer is a call to arms for anyone who has ever dreamt of doing anything – a spine tingling antidote to the fear of life passing you by unfulfilled.

    Both awards were received on behalf of Dream Racer by autoTRADER.ca Senior Editor Jacob Black - who also appeared in the movie and is now a Canadian resident.

    Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival Director, Caius Tenche said: "The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival was thrilled to show Dream Racer at our inaugural event. Hearing the audience react during the screening was exciting and when the audience voted for their favourite it was immediately clear that Dream Racer was going to win an award. Congratulations to the Dream Racer team for a powerfully inspirational movie that everyone can relate to, whether a motorcyclist or not."

    "Winning a double award in Canada is absolutely amazing, there is really nothing more you could wish for. I never expected Dream Racer to have such a positive impact on viewers," says Christophe.

    About the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival
    The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival combines a passion for motorcycles and storytelling. The Festival screens films from around the world, both narrative and documentary, that feature motorcycles and motorcycle culture, giving the local audience a chance to see these movies on the big screen. The event brings festivalgoers together in a casual setting and promotes independent filmmakers by generating publicity for their films, with the aim to increase interest and distribution of their films. The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival has been made possible with the support of the following sponsors - Pfaff Harley-Davidson, Integrated Media Production Group, Biltwell Inc., Cilantric Services, motoretta, StudioCycle Group, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Steam Whistle, Two Blokes Cider, and Bitter Boy Productions.

    About Dreamracer Pty Ltd
    Dreamracer Pty Ltd is a worldwide distribution and marketing company. The company was established to produce, promote, market, and distribute multi-award winning feature film documentary Dream Racer. To date, the film Dream Racer has been watched by audiences in over 145 countries, and watched by audiences from 67 countries on its new launched On-Demand platform Dream Racer TV that features not just Dream Racer, but many other sports and adventure-based documentary feature films. Dream Racer TV is a fully encrypted DRM digital video on demand platform that offers a content protected platform to film makers. Dream Racer TV takes its name after 9x Award Winning Film, Dream Racer.

    Dream Racer has been sold to Discovery World, FOX, and featured in international in-flight movies at Qantas, Virgin, and Emirates.
    The film Dream Racer won 9 International Awards including Los Angeles, Barcelona, Milan, Marina del Rey, New York, New Delhi, Oregon and Toronto. Dream Racer has also been nominated in Austria, and Australia for Best Edited Film.

    Dream Racer is available to audiences worldwide on Blu-Ray, DVD, and On Demand with additional subtitles in Spanish, French, Italian, Pourtuguese, German, and Russian from the Official Website.

    Toronto Moto Film Fest Contacts:
    Caius Tenche
    Festival Director
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://www.torontomotofilmfest.com
    Facebook: /torontomotofilmfest
    Twitter: @tomotofilmfest
    Instagram: @torontomotofilmfest

    Media and Press Release Contacts
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: http://dreamracer.tv
    Facebook: /dreamracer.tv
    Instagram: @dreamracer.tv
    Tel: +61 403 444 101 (International) / 0403 444 101 (Australia)

    You can watch Dream Racer on DVD, Blu-Ray or On Demand.

  • Somewhere Else Tomorrow Wins Best Feature Film Award

    Somewhere Else Tomorrow won the "Best Feature Film Award" at the Tokyo Motorcycle Film Festival since it began streaming on Dream Racer TV.
  • Motorcycle Road Safety

    Nick Bennett and Kayley Harris speak with Christophe Barriere-Varju on the Daily Drive Show about the challenges of riding a motorbike and getting old. Here is what happens...

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  • Self-Inspiring & Motivational Mindset

    Christophe Barriere-Varju is an inspirational and motivational speaker that will ask "what is it that you have done in your life that makes you say, YES, I am happy of having had such a life!" - Answers to that question is not easy. Developing a self-inspiring and motivational mindset can transform your life. Download a PDF copy of this article. Continue reading

  • Powerful Ways to Overcome Challenges

    Three powerful ways to overcome challenges, change your mindset and use roadblocks as stepping stones to build knowledge, confidence, and actually turn difficulties into personal challenges.

    Life as we know it is filled with challenges, unanswered questions, uncertainties, self-doubt, and fear of failure. There is nothing new here, we all have experienced these at some stage in our life. The main question however is, what are you going to do about it?

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  • Nick Sanders Latest Film

    Nick Sanders is a British bicyclist, motorcyclist, pilot, author and film maker who is noted for his long-distance riding. By Steve McDowall, Updated 12 Jan 2017.

    For those that do not know Nick Sanders, Nick is the true embodiment of what it means to be an adventurer. Nothing can stop Nick from... doing anything he wants to do.

    Nick Sanders has been riding motorbikes since he was 16 years old, and has been an adventurer for 33 years.

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  • Become a Better Motorcycle Rider

    This guide contains six must-do practice exercises that will change the way you ride a motorcycle forever.


    All right folks, this is the single most important aspect of riding a motorbike off-road. This may take you years to master but if you understand the basics on this, you can apply it every time you ride in order to improve. The key here is to pre-empt what the bike is going to do by positioning your body accordingly.

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  • A Dream Tour for Rikki Dryden

    MOTORCYCLE LIFE - It all started with a dream for Rikki Dryden. Rikki pursued it and now runs Euro Moto Tours taking people over to Europe - and she organises everything for you. Rikki is back from her first tour and tell us all about it, and it is much more than riding bikes!

    Definitely something you want to look into for your next European holidays on 2-wheels.

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  • Motorcycle Life with Dream Racer

    In the first of our regular chats to Christophe he talks about the National Geographic show “Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar”, the response to the show, what it’s really like to ride in the wide open spaces of Africa and how he prepared former Miss Universe Australia Laura Csortan, who had never ridden off road before, for the ride of her life.

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  • Behind the Scenes of Chasing the Dakar

    Jim Martin of Adventure Rider Radio speaks with Christophe Barriere-Varju about the recently released National Geographic film, Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar, that has been broadcast across 170 countries.

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