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This guide contains six must-do practice exercises that will change the way you ride a motorcycle forever.


All right folks, this is the single most important aspect of riding a motorbike off-road. This may take you years to master but if you understand the basics on this, you can apply it every time you ride in order to improve. The key here is to pre-empt what the bike is going to do by positioning your body accordingly.

Let me share with you how to neutralize momentum while accelerating to reduce the negative impacts of arm pumps, blisters, and blistering hear rates. There is a lot more to this I teach as part of the Dream Racer Experience training, but practising as described below will embed the correct automatisms.

By moving your body in the right way you can neutralize the momentum the bike will have on your body. The net result is that you can forget about arm pump, blisters and later on if you end up 'mastering' this technique you can ride a motorcycle really fast on rough terrain with a much lower heart
rate. This keeps your mind clear to do other things.

If you have watched my film Dream Racer, you would have seen the minimum amount of training I was able to have prior to racing the toughest race of all, the Dakar Rally. I only trained for one month for a
race that is the effort equivalent of 3 marathons a day for 14 days. Toward the end of the race I was also severely handicapped and down to only using one arm for the last 4 days. Try riding sand, rocks and dunes with one arm - not an easy feat. To hit the nail even further, I have never had a single blister in
my hand in my many years of racing the Dakar Rally.

The techniques I have developed over 25 years of motocross racing came in handy for off-road races.

So here we go, these are 6 must-do training exercises you must practice next time you go riding, spend at least 20-30 minutes doing those before you continue with your ride.

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