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Acclaimed by viewers worldwide, Dream Racer is the most awarded motorcycle film of all time with 10 International Film Awards -- and dubbed "The Motivational Film of the Decade."

For the first time in a feature length film, Dream Racer shows the legendary Dakar Rally in its purest form – no sponsors, no multi-million dollar team, not even a mechanic – just one rider, a motorbike, a film maker and the world’s most dangerous motor race. Far more than just a motorbike movie, Dream Racer is a call to arms for anyone who has ever dreamt of doing anything – a spine tingling antidote to the fear of life passing you by unfulfilled.

Film reviews...

  • “I really admired your perseverance on and off the track in Dream Racer, I can totally relate what you were experiencing. Dream Racer is truly an inspiring film.” Freddie Spencer (MotoGP World Champion)
  • "A compelling, moving and powerful film." Mitchell Block (Academy Award Winning Producer)
  • You''ll be applauding at the end as you are trying to pretend that those aren't really tears in your eyes! Superb." Rick W.
  • "Next to On Any Sunday (starring Steve McQueen) and The World's Fastest Indian (starring Anthony Hopkins), Dream Racer is my favorite movie!" Ted W.
  • "One of the best inspirational films of all time. It's raw, it's real! There's no sponsorship and there is no prettying things up. Brilliant film, my pick for the best motorcycle movie ever." Steve McDowall (Motorcycle Life)
  • "Absolutely amazing film, loved it, keeps you totally engaged, makes you realize that life is for living, an inspiring film for sure!" Sara T.


An UNLTD Production written, produced and Directed by Simon Lee, edited by Adrian Barac. Original music by Matteo Zingales. Copyright (c) Dreamracer Pty Ltd

  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • All Regions
  • Feature Length 93 Mins
  • English Language
  • Subtitle included: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian



Customer Reviews

18 Reviews "DVD Pal"

My fav bike movie
Ted W. December 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Next to On Any Sunday and The World's Fastest Indian, Dream Racer is my favorite movie!
An excellent follow up next week from the current Dakar Rally on SBS
Jobo January 13, 2017
Customer Ratings
The best action on the Dakar after Charley Boorman's attempt a few years ago and my video tape of the 1984 Paris/Dakar.
One of the best inspirational films of all time.
Steve December 26, 2016
Customer Ratings
It's raw, it's real! Brilliant film, my pick for the best motorcycle movie ever.
Can just about remember every word. Truly inspiring!
Pam December 10, 2016
Customer Ratings
I think we've watched it so many times that even if I close my eyes I can still see visions. Can just about remember every word! Truly inspiring and to all you motorbike dreamers it's definitely worth buying
Indimenticabile / Unforgettable
Anna Enduro December 2, 2016
Customer Ratings
Mi è arrivato da poco e l'ho già visto 5 volte! Una visione non basta perché è talmente forte che ti emoziona... le lacrime scendono come niente... Amore, passione, brivido, adrenalina, paura, lacrime, sofferenza, gioia, emozione, sacrificio, soddisfazione...questo è DreamRacer...Complimenti a tutti!

[Translation: The film just arrived and I've already watched it 5 times! Watching it once is not enough because it is so strong that excites you ... the tears fall like nothing ... Love, passion, thrill, adrenaline, fear, tears, sorrow, joy, emotion, sacrifice, satisfaction ... this is DreamRacer... Congratulations to all!]
Utterly Amazing Film
Allen (UK) November 23, 2016
Customer Ratings
Just sat and watched this film - what can I say? As a life long rider and huge fan of the 2 wheeled Dakar it was an utterly amazing film.

Christophe is such a determined guy and with a motivation that is fantastic.

Simon - your filming is great too, and really brings it together, just how I love to sit and watch a film.
Also kudos to your family for letting you take up your dream of making the film, -look after them!!

Well done to you guys - what a great film - loved it.

What's next? Allan from the UK
Enjoyable Movie
Andrew B. November 23, 2016
Customer Ratings
Just watched it with the fam couple nights ago. Enjoyable movie. My daughter even sat through the whole thing.
absolutely fantastic!
Gene February 1, 2015
Customer Ratings
one of the most well filmed and truly inspiring documentaries I have ever watched! Glad I own it because I will certainly be watching this several times! Cheers!!!!
Top gear!
Davo January 21, 2015
Customer Ratings
Hello, Loved the DVD, what a super effort by Christophe and his cameraman. I’m totally amazed at the resilience of these blokes on bikes as they ride this adventure. And good on Toby Price, currently on for a podium finish. Go Tob!
Melvin January 17, 2015
Customer Ratings
Inspirational film - it gives you a feeling of connection to the race that you just don't get from a highlight package. A must see for anyone who has ever dreamed of adventure. Congratulations on a realising your dreams fellas and Christophe your dogged determination combined with strength of mind and a positive attitude is nothing short of amazing!
Candide January 9, 2015
Customer Ratings
More than a gritty story about the gruelling challenge of Dakar, more than a story of grit, guts and determination, it's also a story of mateship - not the cliche idealised version of mateship, but the one in which two men stay bonded even when they get on one another's nerves. And so they make (their) two interwoven dreams come true. If your heart doesn't beat harder during this film and you don't cry at the end, check that you do have a pulse.
Life changing
John M January 8, 2015
Customer Ratings
This movie is all about chasing your dreams, no matter what that my be. Christophe's determination and goals are something everyone could aspire to be. Loved it.
I love it!!
Zimi January 8, 2015
Customer Ratings
A fantastic documentary about the Dakar. We are many to dream about it, and this documentary follows the struggle of a real man, doing everything by himself, finding the money, working on his bike every night.
Great story, and good filming.
Guys that enjoyed Charley's Ride to Dakar will love this one!
You need to see this, a must watch performance from someone so determined
colleen January 8, 2015
Customer Ratings
I have known Christophe for a few years now. This has always been a dream ride for him. I purchased his DVD and was totally glued to Dream Racer. There was so much emotion, excitement & adrenaline watching it. Love seeing you perform Christophe. A must watch documentary. Wish you all the best for the future mate xoxo
Corey January 8, 2015
Customer Ratings
For me this movie had an incredible life changing effect, an epiphany possibly, or maybe it just showed me that no matter what, one has the power to confront the unknown and come out on top. It's not just about the Dakar, it's not just about Christophe, it's a journey against challenge, a story of a mans incredible will power and it proves to all who embrace it that it's at the edge of who you are that you learn who you can be.....I've purchased and gifted this movie to all of my mates, international work colleagues and family, buy it, embrace it and go forward, it's one of the most epic journey's I've ever seen.
Chris January 8, 2015
Customer Ratings
I loved the film! It certainly makes you aware of why the Dakar participants say "it's as tough to make it to the start line as it is the finish line"!
Michele January 8, 2015
Customer Ratings
A must watch film to inspire us all, and display the depth, strength and raw determination of the human spirit....passion, hard work and pure guts show the everyday person what they CAN do if they are brave enough....truly life-changing.....superb.
Well done!
Pete June 10, 2014
Customer Ratings
Gives a great look at a privateers version of the Dakar.

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