1. Edge (Men) Edge (Men)
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    Edge (Men)

    This t-shirt represents the values of being a Dream Racer. One design you definitely need to have in your collection.

    • Based on the multi award-winning film, the Dream Racer philosophy is to have the heart and mind to tackle any challenge life throws at you, whether it is to tackle the most dangerous race on earth, the Dakar Rally, or to set your own challenge.
    • Once you wear a Dream Racer t-shirt you will know there is no turning back, no challenge can stand in your way!

    Printed over a high quality fabric, the new t-shirt features the tag line "IT'S AT THE EDGE OF WHO YOU ARE"

    Available in multiple colours, the t-shirt is designed, printed and packaged in Australia and shipped worldwide. Are you a Dream Racer?

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  2. 121 (Men) 121 (Men)
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    121 (Men)

    The One-to-One design represents the hardest truth, that your only competitor in life is really...yourself.

    • Available with all the major manufacturer brand colors such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, and BMW, these t-shirts are designed to trigger the tough YOU!

    Printed over a high quality synthetic fabric, these t-shirts are designed, printed and packaged by Dream Racer in Australia and shipped worldwide. Retail enquiries welcome.

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