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A quirky motorcycle adventure in Iraqi Kurdistan with the 'Long Way Round' cameraman Claudio von Planta and his fellow biker friend Billy Ward (Biketruck) and supported by the Kurdish filmmakers Kae Bahar and Miran Dizayee.

The film follows an adventure ride of discovery crossing northern Iraq - The Kurdistan Region. Riding across a war zone - who would have thought you could have so much fun? The warmth of the people and sadness, as Billy learns more and more about the history of the region, is thought provoking.

In a country where there aren't any big adventure style motorcycles, the guys are gobsmacked as the Kurdish officials help them out with a couple of unique loan bikes. But when riding to the Mosul frontline and staying with the Peshmerga - Claudio and Billy are on edge!

The journey ends in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan with a bizarre motorcycle parade across the city. Motorcycles appeared out of the wood work - unofficial and off the radar. Wheelies, burn outs and pure fun. The air was thick with the smell of rubber and hot engines. We hope you like it - we loved it!



Riding across a war zone - Claudio von Planta (Long Way Round) and Billy Ward sign up for the ultimate adventure, riding across a war zone... on police motorcycles!

Now showing on Dream Racer TV - https://ondemand.dreamracer.tv

Customer Reviews

10 Reviews "A Kurdish Movie"

More of this please.
Dashni Morad July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
Thank you shedding light on Iraqi Kurdistan this is such a positive way to promote peace from a war torn region. And showing mountains I have never seen before in our region! More of this please.
A fun ride.
Edward Monovich July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
Relevant and nuanced emotional ups and downs, navigated on the backs of re-purposed police motorcycles - a fun ride.
Determined not only to survive, but thrive!
Bree T Donovan July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
I just wish we had more time with Claudio and Billy! This was a wonderful (and necessary for many of us) introduction to a land and people who have endured so much suffering, but are determined not only to survive, but thrive! I truly hope we see motorbike adventures in Kurdistan very soon!
Exactly what a travel documentary should be.
Laska Laska July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
Exactly what a travel documentary should be, a new perspective to know people and countries that normal prejudice prevents us from approaching.

The core of a motorcycle trip for motorbike travellers: the contact with people, their deep sight, sometimes sad sometimes hopeful...Great job!
Great stuff!
Allan Karl July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
Great job Claudio—I enjoyed the whimsical style of shooting, the connections, and in a comical way the absurdity of the conditions the people you connected with must contend with. Bravo showing the good, while illustrating what's happening. Great stuff!
Great and refreshing documentary
Ana Lankes July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
Great and refreshing documentary that shows people trying to live their normal lives with positivity in the face of serious hardship.

The motorcycle journey idea works nicely, as a way to connect with people and see the landscape. Well done both!
I really enjoyed the movie
Ken Mc Greevy July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
As an adventure traveller/motorcyclist I really enjoyed the movie.

Fantastic subject matter, about so many things, the people , the culture, the history, and the bikes of course.

A nice dynamic between Billy and Claudio and of course the Irish diplomacy winning friends at every opportunity. Gets 4 yes'es in my house. Well done guys.
Manuel Parente July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
Way to go Claudio! Fantastic! Keep making these films, please!
A superb travel documentary
Lara Platman July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
A superb travel documentary of an area I have only witnessed on the news when the atrocities were happening as mainstream war news.

The scenery, culture, warmth, heartfelt stories of the real people along with Billy and Claudio's infectious personalities makes this film worthwhile, inspiring and certainly educational.

I would love to see this film broadcast to a wider audience as this is the sort of film that aids in shedding prejudices. I look forward to your next adventure.
Love your work :-)
Ron Kuijf July 6, 2018
Customer Ratings
Hey Claudio, love your work :-) you still have your long way round hair look ;-) can,t wait to see the next adventure

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