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Acclaimed by viewers worldwide, Dream Racer is the most awarded motorcycle film of all time with 10 International Film Awards -- and dubbed "The Motivational Film of the Decade."

For the first time in a feature length film, Dream Racer shows the legendary Dakar Rally in its purest form – no sponsors, no multi-million dollar team, not even a mechanic – just one rider, a motorbike, a film maker and the world’s most dangerous motor race. Far more than just a motorbike movie, Dream Racer is a call to arms for anyone who has ever dreamt of doing anything – a spine tingling antidote to the fear of life passing you by unfulfilled.

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  • “I really admired your perseverance on and off the track in Dream Racer, I can totally relate what you were experiencing. Dream Racer is truly an inspiring film.” Freddie Spencer (MotoGP World Champion)
  • "A compelling, moving and powerful film." Mitchell Block (Academy Award Winning Producer)
  • You''ll be applauding at the end as you are trying to pretend that those aren't really tears in your eyes! Superb." Rick W.
  • "Next to On Any Sunday (starring Steve McQueen) and The World's Fastest Indian (starring Anthony Hopkins), Dream Racer is my favorite movie!" Ted W.
  • "One of the best inspirational films of all time. It's raw, it's real! There's no sponsorship and there is no prettying things up. Brilliant film, my pick for the best motorcycle movie ever." Steve McDowall (Motorcycle Life)
  • "Absolutely amazing film, loved it, keeps you totally engaged, makes you realize that life is for living, an inspiring film for sure!" Sara T.


"When you're chasing a dream, you can't ever stop believing."

French/Australian business consultant Christophe Barriere-Varju dreams of finishing the Dakar Rally. Frustrated ad man Simon Lee dreams of making a film that, unlike most ads, people may actually want to watch. But when they join forces, barrier upon barrier rise before them: the struggle to find funds, relationship guilt, the birth of a new baby, the death of an old friend, the extreme challenge of the world’s most dangerous motor race. On their roller coaster journey across South America, these two men will prove that whatever the dream you’re chasing, you can’t ever stop believing.

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  • Duration: 93 mins
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Language: English

An UNLTD Production written, produced and Directed by Simon Lee, edited by Adrian Barac. Original music by Matteo Zingales.

Copyright (c) Dreamracer Pty Ltd.


Customer Reviews

27 Reviews "Dream Racer - On Demand"

Interesante Documental
David April 14, 2019
Customer Ratings
Un documental muy interesante con el que vivir el Rally Dakar desde dentro y desde la perspectiva de un corredor privado... y de un cineasta también "privado".
Great Dakar Story
MSWPDX February 3, 2019
Customer Ratings
I've been a fan of the Dakar for dozens of years and have consumed every book and film I've been able to find. This was a great film, showing the difficulties of ... everything. Raising funds, travel, equipment, the grueling race itself, and of course, making the film. The film itself is part of this story and details the substantial work involved there. Among the best motorcycle films ever.
Scrambler29 February 19, 2018
Customer Ratings
What a brilliant movie, great!!!!
Absolutely fantastic !
Ossi January 21, 2018
Customer Ratings
A huge credit to you Simon, for sticking with your gut feeling and persisting with filming. And Christophe, what an inspiration you are - thank you !!
Inspirational and exciting however.
Marcus December 29, 2017
Customer Ratings
I enjoyed the move a lot, it truly has inspired me to get a new to motorcycle and getting to look into the possibility of doing the Dakar ASAP. I enjoyed seeing the progress on screen through the difficulties and must say Christophe is an inspiration but I wish you had told us his overall result and I would have liked to see the rental car being returned (what did it look like was it difficult to get the stickers off) and perhaps some reunion footage with his dog and an inside to the journey after the race - All in all an excellent and enjoyable movie that had me on the edge of my seat.
Francesco December 28, 2017
Customer Ratings
One of the best film I have seen ! Great inspiring story !!
Francesco December 28, 2017
Customer Ratings
One of the best film I have seen ! Great inspiring story !!
Great Film!
OK November 2, 2017
Customer Ratings
Real Dakar and life changing. Dream Racing spirit!
Tina October 2, 2017
Customer Ratings
Hi loved this movie. I followed in a Land Rover the 2007 Dakar for 3 weeks thru Africa and this movie definitely portrayed the emotions of the Dakar. My Dream now is to see it in SA.
Terrific inspirational film.
Doug July 24, 2017
Customer Ratings
A real endorsement for the little guy. How many highly sponsored racers failed to finish?
Wonderful film, evoked many memories of my Dakar in 2012
zero-to-sixty July 14, 2017
Customer Ratings
Privateers on the Dakar are my heroes and this film explains why. Without a full support team, they overcome so much to complete a Dakar - extreme exhaustion, mechanical challenges, mental focus to say nothing of riding in the world's most challenging terrain for 14 days. A true accomplishment. The film brought back so many memories of my 2012 Dakar. www.zero2sixty.info <<< *DR Edit - Folks make sure to buy this must-read book.
It is incredible that both of you could make it happen - in every way.
Matthias D. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
I bought the DVD and I am very happy I did! What an adventure! What a ride - physically and emotionally. While watching the film we were cheering for you when you reached the finish line, Christophe. Thank you and Simon for this outstanding movie. In the official footage (in Germany 30 min/day) there is only a few minutes dedicated to the privateers. Your film shows the harsh reality. Maybe it was better for the movie that Simon is definitely no petrol head, so he had the professional distance that makes the movie even more comprehensible for people who are not riding enduro or motorcycles. It is incredible that both of you could make it happen - in every way. I salute you!
Grit Grace and Great
Miss Hobart May 29, 2017
Customer Ratings
I have watched many movies and doco's on endurance and the common thread is guts and endurance. However, Christophe Barriere-Varju also has an extra element and that is not always present, and that is an incredible sense of command and good grace that makes all those around him even more determined to help this amazing man make his mark on the world. I was on the edge of my seat, I did have my pack of tissues handy and I did jump up and down when he got across the line.
Thank you for taking me places I never dreamt I would be.
Great Story
love to ride March 26, 2017
Customer Ratings
Great story that was fun to follow and had me anticipating the end of each stage to see the results.
An insanely good film
Robert - Frenchs Forest, Australia March 8, 2017
Customer Ratings
Watched Dream Racer last Friday night and we were blown away. What a great film - a total epic that surprises and delights! Less a story about motorbikes than an incredible tale about perseverance, belief and truth.
J. Horsky February 20, 2017
Customer Ratings
Great movie and very inspiring.
Super Film
Eric Le Twelve February 9, 2017
Customer Ratings
Super film, j'en ai pleuré, il m'a beaucoup touché. Je l'ai regardé plusieurs fois et Dream Racer deviens pour moi un film culte.
Merci pour l'émotion.

Translation: Superb film, it made me cry, very touching. I watched it several times and Dream Racer is now a cult film.
Thank you for these emotions.
Cracka January 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
What a great movie. Really sums up the trials, heartbreak, and sheer guts it takes to take on Dakar. True Aussie battler.
A must see for all adventure riders. This is a challenge that few would ever attempt, rather than succeed, Both my wife and myself was totally engrossed in the film. Bring on Dream Racer 2 (pity it won't be on two wheels)
A story of perseverance
emxgarcia January 9, 2017
Customer Ratings
A real life inspirational story of enthusiasm and perseverance. A story about pursuing your dreams.
One of the best inspirational films of all time.
Steve December 26, 2016
Customer Ratings
It's raw, it's real! Brilliant film, my pick for the best motorcycle movie ever.
A great story of grit and determination.
Drz December 14, 2016
Customer Ratings
The ad guy comes across as a whinny ( ***** ), but the French enduro rider is hard core.
Bold Adventure Rider
LHNUTS December 4, 2016
Customer Ratings
The film is Awesome!
It takes alot of balls and good support to do the Dakar and luck.
Awesome Story
MBOST December 2, 2016
Customer Ratings
A truly inspirational story of skill and commitment. Highly recommended.
I've never seen anything like it.
Corey March 3, 2014
Customer Ratings
For any of you that haven't seen this movie, find it, watch it and embrace it....the story told by Simon and Christophe is one of the most compelling I've ever seen. If it doesn't change your life I'd be surprised, it certainly changed mine....it's not a story about motorcycles, nor the Dakar race specifically, it's a story about passion, commitment, loss and a man's journey to finish what he set out to achieve....I've never seen anything like it.
Bloody Brilliant
Dakar Wannabee December 9, 2013
Customer Ratings
Took my wife and 16 yo daughter (both non motorcyclists) to see this in Melbourne. They BOTH LOVED IT!! Get this film and watch it when you need inspiration.
What an inspiration you are Mr. Dreamer! :)
Abid December 5, 2013
Customer Ratings
What an inspiration you are Mr. Dreamer! :)
Fantastic! No need to say more!
Steve December 4, 2013
Customer Ratings
This is one of the best films I have seen! It shows that people are capable much more than they often think possible.

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