Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar

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Two adventure bikers take on the journey of a lifetime travelling through Morocco, North Africa, on the trail of the ultimate biking challenge, the Dakar Rally.


Two adventure bikers take on the journey of a lifetime travelling through Morocco, North Africa, on the trail of the ultimate biking challenge, the Dakar Rally. One rider, Christophe Barriere-Varju, has competed in the Dakar Rally four times. The other, Laura Csortan, has never set a wheel off road before. Starting in Marrakech, Morocco, they must make their way through mountains, gorges, rivers and deserts to reach the Moroccan Sahara. Christophe shares his knowledge of what it takes to be an off-road adventurer whilst Laura pushes her biking skills to the limits and experiences a journey like never before. Will they make it to their final destination of the Sahara Desert or will the journey of a lifetime be too much for an off-road novice?.

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Customer Reviews

11 Reviews "Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar"

It was okay
RobF8GT October 19, 2017
Customer Ratings
Apart from being a advertisement for the Africa Twin it was okay. Laura did a really good job riding off road. I would have liked to see a bit more of the ride though, it seemed kinda rushed.
Cool movie
Brisco September 20, 2017
Customer Ratings
It seemed like it should have been multiple episodes but was crammed down into one. They could have shown the pretrip prep show and an episode per stage. The photography was beautiful. It was cool to see a new rider going through all of the challenges. I bought my Africa Twin to do trips and explore, this was inspiring, just not enough of it.
It was okay.
Blue July 26, 2017
Customer Ratings
Somewhat like "reality TV" in that some parts were staged. It was obviously sponsored by Honda, the description (advertising) of the Africa Twin was like a cheesie romance novel. I get that a film takes cash to produce it but if the product is good then let it speak for itself.
Loved sharing this adventure
dascooter June 20, 2017
Customer Ratings
Customer Ratings
I thoroughly enjoyed going along on this journey. What a great adventure it is. Would love to give it a try one day. That Africa Twin is a beautiful bike!
PhotosByHamza June 5, 2017
Customer Ratings
Customer Ratings
The footage from this documentary is beautiful. It was obvious they had great support!

Would have been nice if they kept all the touring bags mounted on the bikes at all times instead of doing the difficult riding parts without them.
Bit of a Mixed Bag!
PhilipB May 29, 2017
Customer Ratings
Overall an enjoyable, lightweight documentary with great scenery and what looked like some fun riding. We did feel that it had been somewhat "jazzed up" to satisfy the overly dramatic style demanded by cable television and some of the scenes (falling down and being trapped under the last inch of a grab handle) were a little laughable in their execution. That and the inference that someone might perish if Laura didn't follow the roadbook stretched the grounds of credibility to its limits. Also, Laura's riding abilities were somewhat denigrated throughout the film when it was quite obvious she had the skills and was struggling on a bike completely unsuited to the task at hand. You keep referencing "dirt bike" but in reality this was a heavy adventure machine and I know she would have been a lot happier on something lightweight and nimble.

I'd love to see a long form Director's Cut more along the lines of the fantastic Dream Racer and less inclined to the faux drama.
Just brilliant. The scenes we incredible and the challenges at time daunting. A real adventure.
Obi-Wan May 29, 2017
Customer Ratings
I watched this movie a while ago and was blown away. The way that this is photographed is very professional and both riders did a good job. Morocco is a fascinating location and the challenge of riding deep sand is one that always awes me.
For a relative beginner on dirt, Laura was inspiring with her 'can do' attitude. Christophe, as usual, was very professional. Well done and congratulations!
Thumbs Up!
Jon January 12, 2017
Customer Ratings
A nice show to bring novice riders to the world of touring! Watching the show in HD quality makes it all the more better.
Africa twin 2016 owner
Ludwig January 8, 2017
Customer Ratings
I've enjoyed the movie
Great movie
Reef December 14, 2016
Customer Ratings
Well documented travel and fantastic scenery are just the beginning of this cool movie.
I will certainly be watching the rest of the movies made by the same folks.
Loved the landscape and culture
Joe December 14, 2016
Customer Ratings
I watched this film with my wife as we did not have the NatGeo TV Channel. It was so refreshing to watch both Christophe and Laura go through Morocco and experience the amazing and friendliness of the local population. Thumbs up for Laura for riding such a big bike off-road for the first time. If you do not know Christophe, all I can say is that you MUST WATCH the film Dream Racer, un*&^believable!

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