Somewhere Else Tomorrow

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A naive dreamer, fearing stagnation and worried about getting tangled up in a boring job out of university, attempts the greatest challenge he can think of: traveling around the world on a motorcycle - without money.

Instead of wasting precious time saving up for the trip, he hastily decides to make money along the way picking up random jobs - an idea that makes his journey much more challenging and dangerous than he intended.

There was no support team, no film-crew, and no budget to buy his way out of tight situations. Out of the hardship he encounters trying to survive comes a story of true freedom and global understanding.



A naive dreamer rides around the world on a motorcycle, surviving only on the money he makes along the way, until he finds what he wasn't even looking for.

Copyright (c) 2009-18 - Dreamracer Pty Ltd.


Customer Reviews

15 Reviews "Somewhere Else Tomorrow"

Chdk September 20, 2017
Customer Ratings
I'm amazed how much was actually video documented doing the journey. All great footage that gave an inspiring insight their trip. Its great for motorcycle enthusiats and lovers of travel in general. Can only recommend it!
Well worth watching
MJ64 August 25, 2017
Customer Ratings
Very nice film. Nicely setup with talks and action.

I would have enjoyed more action shots from the road.
Worth every second...
Vinikq July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Worth every second. Well Done!
Makes me itch to go on my own adventure!
Paul R. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Loved it, great work! Makes me itch to go on my own adventure :)
It's Amazing.
Xanthrul July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Just watched it. It's amazing. Every single minute of it.
What a GREAT video!!!!
MG G. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Thanks for sharing. I will continue to watch your videos. You are at the top of my list of inspirational people. Well done!
Safe Travels my friend
Wonderful video
Peter N. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Wonderful video, obviously made with great care and dedication! I wish you the best of luck on all the possible and sometimes almost impossible roads and trails of this beautiful world.
Purity of life, determination, self-belief, and bravery
Harjinder S. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
I really appreciate the lesson of purity of life, determination, self-belief and bravery that you are teaching to all so kindly through this film and I wanna thank you whole heatedly for sharing your hard earned experiences with us through this film. SALUTE to you and your friend. Great show.
Rob A. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Daniel, that was awesome. Thanks for taking the time to document so much of it for us.
First class and equals the best...
Dante L. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Daniel, you have a unique voice and this is a great personal story. I've read a lot, if not all, the print Moto travelogues and seen all the currently available films and yours is first class and equals the best. Reminds me a bit of the novel "Chasing the Moon", and will also stay with me as a classic. Visual and audio quality were great with creative.
Tenacity to finigh what you started!
Bada B. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Very much enjoyed the video and well done you on having the tenacity to finish what you started.
A very good documentary
Daniel M. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
A very good documentary and very interesting to watch. I love the fact that he uses a really old bike and talks about the hardships, the failures. Unfortunately he's somewhat of a mechanic genius so I can't take away any tricks :)
Watching his change in attitude during the trip is something to think about, his experiences with natives seems genuine and one realizes that this is a great guy. I hope his trip continues and he gets a lot more exposure.
Anna P. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
What a life!! Keep it up! Its amazing:)
Somewhere Else Tomorrow makes you think about the world.
HEC July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Definitely the name do honor what the movie does, it takes one´s mind somewhere else and make you think about the world, it´s troubles and how people deals with it. Also teach us a little bit more about uncertainty in life and that a change in plans is not the end of the road but the beginning of a new journey. Thank you.
Very inspiring and beautiful done!
Daniel G. July 11, 2017
Customer Ratings
Very inspiring and beautiful done, wish you good luck and an amazing continuation on your journeys... Save drive ;) Daniel

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